VP Health & Nutrition Programs

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Full Time

Job Description

The Vice President of Nutrition and Health Programs of Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County is responsible for the overall planning and operations of the Nutrition and Health Programs department, including budgeting, human resources, grant writing, student mentoring, and strategic liaison. The Vice President of Nutrition and Health Programs is involved with the management and planning of the Agency.  The Vice President of Nutrition and Health Programs will work with the Nutrition Committee of the Board of Directors.  This position reports directly to the President and CEO.

Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and Friday, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Posted Date: 7/5/17                 Closing Date:  7/21/17


  • Must be a registered dietitian with current registration from the credentialing agency of the American Dietetic Association.
  • Must be a licensed dietitian with a current license from the State of Texas (Texas State Board of Examiners of Dietitians).
  • Should have experience in menu development, nutrition education, nutrition counseling, management, leadership, and grant writing.
  • Should have specialized training in institutional management, food service sanitation and safety.



A. Review menu cycles for all menu types served by Meals On Wheels and assure menus provide foods with a variety of flavor, texture, taste, and temperature.

  • Assure that all meals comply with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) guidelines for contracting to provide home-delivered meals
  • Coordinate menus with food service manager and contract food service company
  • Maintain nutritional analysis of all meals served
  • Assure that all menu items are prepared and served according to standardized recipes provided by food service contractor
  • Assure that meals are prepared with food products that meet specifications and quality standards
  • Provide daily menus sheets to be included in delivery containers to each pick-up site
  • Develop list of allowable substitutions as meeting 1/3 the recommended daily recommended intakes (DRIs)

B. Send meal surveys to clients

  • Assure that meal surveys are sent to clients during each operating year
  • Assure that clients in each geographical area in the county receive one survey per year.


A. Liaison

  • Serve as the primary liaison between the food service manager and/or contractor
  • Observe food production, packaging, and delivery daily to assure standards are being met for meals
  • Review monthly nutrition reports to the food service contractor/manager, agency staff, and program committee members
  • Communicate daily with the food service manager to coordinate effective food service operations
  • Correct any food shortages at the distribution sites daily to assure that each client obtains the meals they are scheduled to receive
  • Assure planned and approved menus are not deviated from unless allowable substitutions are made and/or prior approval has been given by the DNS

B. Products

  • Test new products and recipes with food service contractor
  • Coordinate the utilization of fresh vegetable/herbs

C. Equipment

  • Monitor the inventory and condition of equipment and supplies purchased by agency
  • Help maintain an active inventory of all equipment in the kitchen area
  • Recommend the purchase of new equipment to enhance food quality and food production


  • Coordinate periodic program pommittee meetings under the direction of the committee chairman for review of menus and for discussion of outcome measures
  • Implement decisions made by the Nutrition Committee
  • Make recommendations to the Nutrition Committee and President and CEO


  • Assure that all meals served comply with the regulations of the Texas Department of Health and the Tarrant County Health Department
  • Monitor temperatures according to the procedures set forth in the DADS guidelines daily in the central kitchen
  • Train volunteers and staff concerning food safety standards
  • Assure meals are being transported so to maintain safe food temperatures
  • Maintain records of complaints regarding any complaints of symptoms of food borne illness
  • Start investigation of claims of food borne illness with local health department if more than two calls are received on the same meal or product


  • Oversee the operations of the Live Well/Healthy Aging Independent Living program-nutrition and diabetes education program including: management, personnel, budget, and goal achievement
  • Oversee the operations of the Live Well/HomeMeds program including: management, personnel, budget, and goal achievement
  • Attend meetings which promote or assist in managing of the programs


  • Develop an annual written plan for nutrition education
  • Prepare a nutrition education flyer to be sent to each client monthly
  • Provide nutrition counseling to clients upon request
  • Document nutrition counseling phone calls and make copies of information sent/given for client records for case management


  • Liaison with area hospitals to engage in contractual arrangements related to re-hospitalizations and emergency room visits for clients discharged from the hospitals
  • Develop other strategic alliances that would provide funding for agency


  • Answer telephone, assist volunteers and staff as needed
  • Deliver meals to clients in emergency situations
  • Coordinates purchasing of equipment, supplements, and supplies
  • Initiates food service contract bid process
  • Responsible for Nutrition/Dietetic Student Intern program
  • Develops yearly goals and assists with organization’s strategic plan
  • Responsible for coordination of any dietetic related grants or programs of the organization


Send your resume and a cover letter to Carla Jutson, President & CEO, Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County via email at Carla@mealsonwheels.org


Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County
5740 Airport Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76117-6005

mealsonwheels.org  •  817-336-0912