Select the Level of Services Needed

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This program serves residents of Tarrant County, Texas (greater Fort Worth, Texas).

If you do not reside in Tarrant County, please visit the Meals On Wheels Association of America website to find the appropriate meal-delivery program in your area.

Select the Level of Services Needed

  • Home-Delivered Meals Plan
    Home-delivered meals are available to those who are homebound, physically or mentally unable to prepare meals for themselves, and have no one living in their home who can assist them on a regular basis. There are no age or income restrictions. Home-Delivered Meals plan participants will receive two meals per day, Monday through Friday, delivered around lunchtime to their front door by caring volunteers.  The hot, noontime meal includes an entrée, two vegetables, bread, dessert, and the client’s beverage of choice.  The second meal is a refrigerated breakfast meal that is intended to be eaten the following morning.

To select the Home-Delivered Meals Plan, click here to complete the online referral form.

  • Supplemental Nutrition Plan
    Supplemental food is available to individuals age 60+ who do not have enough food to eat. This meal plan is intended for those who can cook for themselves, but  do not have access to food.  Plan participants will receive a weekly home delivery of five frozen meals (per person) from Meals On Wheels of Tarrant County and a 10-lb. box of fresh produce from Tarrant Area Food Bank.

To select the Supplemental Nutrition Plan, click here to complete the online referral form.

Do You Need Food, But Don’t Qualify for Our Services?

If you or the person you are referring are in need of food and do not meet the eligibility criteria for our services listed above, please contact the Tarrant Area Food Bank at From their homepage, click on the “Find Food” link and enter your address to be directed to a food pantry near you.