HomeMeds: A Medication-Management Program

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What is HomeMeds?

HomeMeds is a program designed to prevent hospitalizations and falls caused by medication
errors. Medication-related problems and errors endanger the lives and well-being of a high percentage of community-dwelling elders. All prescriptions, vitamins, and herbal supplements are reviewed, and any medication errors and adverse drug effects are identified.

Who Can Benefit From HomeMeds?

People who:

  • Go to multiple doctors or pharmacies
  • Take over-the-counter medications
  • Have recently experienced falls, dizziness, or confusion
  • Have been to the hospital recently
  • Feel overwhelmed with obtaining or taking their medications

Goal of HomeMeds

The goal of this program is to prevent hospitalization caused by medication errors and adverse drug effects for older adults. The risks for severe reactions and interactions, medication errors, and medication duplications are found at an alarming rate among the senior population. This project saves the lives of the most vulnerable and saves health care dollars. It prevents serious drug reactions and eliminates the need for our clients to use hospitals because of medication issues.

Client Story
“I was taking 20 medications at one time. I never knew what they were for or why I was taking them; my wife would bring them with my cup of coffee. After reviewing all of my medications, we realized I was taking multiple drugs for the same symptoms. Now I’m taking only 8 medications. You have saved us money on monthly refills and my life! We cannot thank you enough!”

To learn more, contact:
Denise Blevins, RD/LD