Strategic Plan – Increase Impact

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Key Strategy: Utilize a third-party expert to map community needs relative to the mission of Meals On Wheels (organized by city, neighborhood, age, and/or other useful dimensions).

Configure program offerings to meet the changing demograhics of the population served per community needs assessment.Melissa PrattOngoing
Investigate funding opportunities to expand socialization, exercise and other programs, ie, insurance company partnershipsMarcus RockwellOngoing
Conduct unmet needs assessment from staff and volunteers.Leadership TeamOngoing
Evaluate unmet needs and identify opportunities to improve servicesLeadership TeamOngoing

Key Strategy: Increase financial support by building relationships with new funders and major donors, as well as growing relationships with existing funders and major donors.

Blend staff responsibilities to free up resources, IE, cross-training, changes to job titles.Leadership TeamOngoing
More community/corporate presentations (sales calls) to garner support and increase donations through meal label ads, event sponsorships, etc.Keith HarrisonOngoing
Seek new sources of funding from existing donors and new prospectsDarla AkinOngoing
Meet regularly with foundation executives to share our work and seek funding advice.Darla AkinAnnually
Implement a donor stewardship program to recognize major donors through personal interaction, meetings and annual appreciation event.Darla AkinFebruary 2024

Key Strategy: Leverage adult activity centers to identify potential community partners and pursue mutually beneficial collaborations with them.

Promote awareness of Older Americans and Senior Center months in local government and organizations.Marcus RockwellAnnually - May & September
Host cultural events at the Adult Activity Centers.Marcus RockwellOngoing

Key Strategy: Continue to innovate regarding volunteer recruitment, training, retention, and appreciation, including through relationships with local businesses and utilizing best practices from other Meals On Wheels organizations.

Collaborate with schools of health/organizations to establish reciprocal volunteer hours, as well as work with volunteer and Client Services.Melissa PrattOngoing
Meet with staff of other large Meals On Wheels programs to share best practices and opportunities for improvement.Judy BellOngoing
Obtain input from existing corporate group volunteers.Schedulers and RecruitersOngoing
Recruit volunteers from Adult Activity CentersMarcus RockwellOngoing
Provide easy access to Client Assistance volunteering by offering weekend and virtual volunteering options.Alissa DeatonOngoing
Establish protocols for onboarding and recognizing non-meal delivery volunteers, ie, Client Assistance, event, etc.Judy Bell, Alissa Deaton, Keith Harrison, Carla JutsonOngoing

Key Strategy: Develop and implement outreach strategy for increasing connection with elected officials.

Develop a plan to communicate/nurture relationships with elected officials / advocate on issues that support Meals On Wheels to include an annual event.Keith HarrisonOctober 2023
Invite city council members and County Commissioners and staffers to Adult Activity Centers and participate in local government meetings.Marcus RockwellOngoing
Revise and distribute quarterly update to elected officials.Keith HarrisonOngoing