Strategic Plan – Strategically Improve

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Key Strategy: Utilize a third-party expert to map community needs relative to the mission of Meals On Wheels (organized by city, neighborhood, age, and/or other useful demographic).

Hire third party to conduct Needs AssessmentCarla JutsonJune 2022Complete
Determine appropriate goals, based on Needs AssessmentCarla JutsonJuly 2023Complete

Key Strategy: Identify best practices by considering the structure and processes of other Meals On Wheels organizations, other organizations in the food delivery business, etc., and adapt for Meals On Wheels of Tarrant County, as appropriate.

Suggest a marketing best practices workshop at Meals On Wheels Texas Conference to share experiences, ideas and best practices. Example: having Lautman do many of our direct mail initiatives. Investigate other learning opportunities.Barbara Rabovsky / Keith HarrisonMay 2024
Encourage Leadership Team to develop relationships with like organizations to discuss best practices.Carla Jutson / Barbara RabovskyOngoing
Coordinate with Meals On Wheels Central Texas on their pet program (PALS) in the implementation of the TVMF partnership.Alissa DeatonOngoing
Client Services Resource EducationAlissa DeatonOngoing
Research electronic system for AAC clients and brief leadership.Marcus RockwellFebruary 2023Complete
Identify additions to data collection system to improve data instead of purchasing new system.Marcus RockwellMay 2024
Maintain (AAC) Calendar of EventsMarcus RockwellOngoing
Improve communications between Meals On Wheels and partner agency personnel, to include a biannual focus group of partners.Marcus RockwellFebruary 2024
Review menus from other home delivered meal programs for new ideas.Melissa PrattJanuary 2023Complete
Engage other vice presidents in menu review.Melissa PrattOngoing


Key Strategy: Regularly obtain feedback from clients served about how to improve meals and services (organized by city, neighborhood, age, and/or other useful dimensions).

Review/distribute Satisfaction Survey
• Food based/opinion questions with Likert scales to more efficiently measure/operationalize perceptions across populations served.
Melissa PrattAnnually
Establish Client Experience Team with guidance from consultant to prioritize which processes to review and implement appropriate changes to improve the experience. Schedule processes to review one per year.Keith HarrisonSeptember 2023, then schedule one process per year in a 5-year cycle.
TVC Homes for Texas Heroes - develop process to assure follow-up at the end of each project.OngoingLost this grant. Will reapply in 2024.
Conduct AAC meal and transit surveys bi-annually.Mikita McNealSemi-annually - May and November
Implement changes as needed per partner agency feedback. Revisit deliverables for nutrition educationMarcus Rockwell / Melissa PrattOngoing

Key Strategy: Gather staff and volunteer input about how meals and services could be delivered more efficiently and effectively (organized by type of service, location, and/or other criteria).

Ensure department communication to identify and track program impact with:
• Department meetings for update/feedback
• Team updates on progress on deliverables
• Weekly department updates (huddles) for the following week.
Carla Jutson / Barbara RabovskyOngoing
Facilitate a volunteer satisfaction surveyJudy BellAnnually
Introduce board and staff portal (intranet) to provide feedback, enhance communication, and offer a repository for needed resources.Keith HarrisonJune 2024
Client Services review, to include unmet needs.Alissa DeatonOngoing
Utilize client contribution envelope comments to inform improvements.All departmentsOngoing

Key Strategy: Conduct competitive analysis to identify opportunities to improve, expand, and/or innovate program offerings and method of delivery that supports the Meals On Wheels mission and vision.

Analyze findings from volunteer survey utilizing resources from volunteer advisory council and volunteer relations committee and implement changes as needed.Judy BellAnnually
Secure strategic partnerships with outside organizations, ie, YMCA, Dementia Friendly Fort Worth, diverse populations and municipalities using a model of inclusion for all departments to include partnering on special recognitions.All departmentsOngoing

Key Strategy: Conduct a space utilization analysis of building and increase space as needed.

Assess building space use and forecast future space needs.Carla Jutson2022Complete
Secure funding for building expansionCarla Jutson2022Complete
Complete building expansionCarla Jutson2024

Key Strategy: Utilize adult activity centers to innovate program offerings and delivery methods.

Nutrition collaboration
• Work with AAC and contract kitchen to ensure logistically appropriate innovations to meet the greatest needs of the population served per community needs assessment.
Melissa PrattOngoing
Research and implement enrichment programs and make available for all Meals On Wheels participants.Marcus RockwellOngoing