Strategic Plan – Strengthen Culture

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Key Strategy: Obtain 360-degree feedback among staff to identify changes needed to build trust.

Survey and analyze employee suggestions regarding workplace, benefits and culture.Melissa WacaseyAnnually or as needed.

Key Strategy: Gather input from volunteers to learn how to better engage them in the mission.

Standardize site visits utilizing members of volunteer advisory council and staff.Judy BellSemi-Annually

Key Strategy: Conduct Board Self-Assessment and Board Development Training to capitalize on any opportunities to become a higher performing Board.

Conduct a board self-assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses within the boardCarla Jutson / Ann Salyer-CaldwellOctober 2023
Utilize self-assessment to identify ways to involve board members beyond monthly meetings.Carla JutsonSeptember 2023
Identify Board Development Training opportunities to enhance functionality at the board level.Carla JutsonDecember 2023

Key Strategy: Review Board and Committee structures and implement changes to increase Board engagement.

Review bylaws and update to include changes in committee structures.Carla Jutson / Kerry MercerNovember 2023
Implement training for Vice Presidents to improve committee facilitation.Carla JutsonMay 2024
Develop policies and procedures as needed to encourage board involvement at the committee level.Leadership TeamMay 2024

Key Strategy: Track and report outcomes to the staff, Board, and volunteers to build enthusiasm and commitment for the mission.

Evaluate outcomes reporting Alissa DeatonMonthly
Develop an organized method of disseminating program information to Board members and Volunteers in a succinct format that reports outcomes not just outputs.Carla Jutson, Judy Bell, Keith HarrisonNovember 2023
Utilize CNM dashboard to report outcomes to staff and other interested parties.Barbara Rabovsky / Darla AkinOngoing

Key Strategy: Conduct exit interviews with staff, Board, and volunteers to consider strengths of Meals On Wheels and opportunities to improve the organizational culture.

Conduct exit interviews for staff and board members.Melissa WacaseyOngoing
Send exit surveys to a designated number of volunteers when the resign.Judy BellMonthly
Report outcomes from exit interviews to leadership team and/or board as needed.Judy Bell, Melissa Wacasey, Carla JutsonOngoing