Strategic Plan – Update Infrastructure

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Key Strategy: Document and regularly update systems, policies, and procedures (such as data systems, HR – including pay/benefits and employee evaluations – and other relevant procedures); ensure all staff is adequately trained to use systems and follow policies and procedures; and establish consistency throughout the organization to increase organizational effectiveness.

Review and update departmental policies with committee approval and update Agency Manual as needed.All DepartmentsSemi-annual review - September/March
HRIS Integration with LMS.Melissa WacaseyJuly 2022Completed
Research workplace trends.Melissa WacaseyOngoing
Employer recognition workplace participations.Melissa WacaseyAnnually
Conduct Employee Reviews.Leadership TeamAnnually
Conduct Market Compensation and Benefits Research.Melissa WacaseyOngoing
Review employee handbook.Melissa WacaseyAnnually
Transition to Financial EdgeMonica LopezJuly 2023
Set up efficiencies to allow import from RE to FE.Monica LopezJanuary 2024
Develop an Event ROI worksheet to determine return of events before committing to them. Consider staffing resources needed to support the event.Keith HarrisonOngoing
Revise AAC Policy Manual.Marcus RockwellOngoing
Ensure that all policies are available on the intranet.Leadership TeamJune 2024
Review work-arounds for databases, identify a means of efficiency and make updates.Barbara Rabovsky, Judy Bell, Alissa Deaton, Marcus Rockwell, Melissa PrattOngoing

Key Strategy: Utilize third parties to review, audit, and provide guidance in establishing best practices for organization systems (such as IT, cyber-security, and other organization systems), policies, and procedures to support continued organizational growth.

Canvas available companies to partner in converting databases, apps and software programs. Enable growth and change to existing systems.Barbara RabovskyOngoing
Determine best practice solutions for cyber-security with an outside vendor or agency. Increase data security and employee disciplines.Phil Sanchez2023
Develop necessary systems to security, entry, monitoring and asset protection in conjunction with facility expansion and increased services.Phil SanchezOngoing
Conduct technology review.Phil Sanchez / Leadership Team2023
Utilize technology review to implement technology improvements needed by staff.Phil Sanchez / Leadership Team2023

Key Strategy: Establish and follow clear, organization-wide guidelines for determining whether to allocate Meals On Wheels resources (including staff, financial resources, facilities, technology, and specialized support staff) for new initiatives/programs and when to end existing initiatives/programs.

Develop a matrix or checklist to direct new program start-up or to end an existing program.Barbara Rabovsky / Ann Salyer-CaldwellAugust 2023