Food Pantry

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MOW-Logo-Regular-108x131These items are delivered to clients who need food in addition to the meals delivered by volunteers.  Clients receiving food assistance would normally qualify for help at one of the local pantries or food bank outlets; however, our clients are homebound and unable to pick up these items. Please buy ready-to-eat foods or food items that are easy to prepare. Pop-top cans are easier to open than cans that require a can opener. We ask that you not buy cookies or chips. Please donate only non-perishable items such as:

  • Food-PantryShelf-stable tuna, salmon, or chicken
  • Canned milk
  • Low-sodium canned vegetables
  • Canned chili
  • Vienna Sausages
  • Fruit in low-sugar syrup or juice
  • Small cans of juice
  • Single-serve applesauce
  • Individual-serving boxes of cereal
  • Canned soup and stew (especially chunky type)
  • Canned chicken and dumplings
  • Small bags of cooked rice
  • Coffee
  • Coffee creamer
  • Artificial sweetener