Fundraising Ideas A-Z

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Art Show: Hold an art show where artists (your friends or family) enter pieces of art to sell.
Charge an entrance fee to raise additional funds. Donate all or part of the proceeds to Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County.

Auction: Ask family members, friends, and local businesses to donate items or specialties,
including skills, to be auctioned. Teachers and students could auction a day of babysitting or a
day of educations museum-going with a child. Restaurant and theater owners could donate
dinners and seats to shows. For company auctions, offer a prime parking spot, a half or whole
day off, free lunch, late arrival/early dismissal, “Boss for a Day,” etc.

Awful Tie or Hat Contest: Everyone is encouraged to pay a certain amount for the privilege of
wearing a truly awful tie or hat to school or work.


Bake Sale: This is a delicious way to raise money! Have a theme (cupcakes, gluten-free desserts, vegan desserts, etc.) or just have a variety of offerings.

Birthday Donations: Ask family and friends to make a donation instead of giving a gift. Have a
party to celebrate as well as educate others. We will provide any materials you need. Or do the
same for someone else’s birthday: Purchase a birthday card from Meals On Wheels, Inc. of
Tarrant County, and we will print a greeting right inside the card. For information, call 817-336-
0912 and ask for Belinda.

Board Game Party: Charge an entrance fee for an evening of board games. Perhaps hold
competitions in each event and provide prizes.

Book Sale: Gather used books from friends, family members, and co-workers. Sell the books at
a used bookstore and donate the earnings.

Bowling Tournament: Participants pay to enter, and the winner gets a prize.


Car Wash: Set up in the neighborhood, or ask a store manager for permission to use the
parking lot. Ask patrons for donations, and be sure to tell them it’s for Meals On Wheels, Inc. of
Tarrant County.

CEO Challenges: If a campaign goal is attained, the CEO does something funny (dresses up in
costume, sits in a dunk tank, gets a pie in the face, etc.).

Christmas Plant Sale: Christmas is an ideal time to sell dried or fresh flowers or plants in
attractive containers.

Concert: Ask your local high school’s jazz band to donate their time, or ask a friend who’s in a
band or who plays an instrument to donate a short concert.

Costume Ball: Hold this event around Halloween, or give it an international theme.


Dance: Social dance events can take a number of forms. Consider a theme, such as ballroom,
barn dance, line dancing, or disco. People love to dress up.

Dinner Auction: Ask for volunteers to enter a complete dinner or a substantial dessert. For the auction, either provide a photo of the dinner/dessert (if one can be taken ahead of time) or a mouth-watering description (or even the item if it is not perishable). Arrange everything on a
table so people can see what they are bidding on. This can be done in a silent or live auction
style. Have the volunteers bring the meals to the winners at a later date.

Dinner Party: Have a dinner or lunch party, but ask those you invite to give a donation. Make
sure you are a great cook or know someone who is to get the most participation.

Dress-Down Day: Have students or employees pay to wear jeans one day.

DVD sale: Gather used DVDs from friends, family members, and co-workers. Sell the DVDs at
a used bookstore or video store and donate the earnings.


Fulfill a Lifetime Ambition: Challenge events can, if well supported, raise serious amounts of
sponsorship because people really get enthusiastic about doing something that has been a
lifetime ambition — whitewater rafting, parasailing, balloon trips, walking the Great Wall of China, anything!

Fundraising Race: Challenge other families, groups, or teams to a race to see who can be the
first to raise $100 or $500 or more.


Gardening Competition: Choose the best time of year to hold a gardening competition for the
most imaginative window box, tub, or cut-flower display.

Garage Sale: Have friends and family donate items to your garage sale.

Goofy Olympics: Pick fun and silly games for an “Olympics” lunch hour. Participants pay an
entry fee per game or for the whole hour. Prizes (donated) are given to winners of each contest or game. Combine this with food booths for more fun and profits.


Karaoke Night: Try to get a room donated to hold your event. Ask an independent supplier for a good deal to rent a karaoke machine.


Mile Challenge: Team up with friends to collect money for traveling a mile in a conventional or
unusual way. How about walking in fancy dress, walking the dog, roller skating, or dancing?

Mile of Coins: Gather friends and family to make a mile of coins. Even a mile of pennies is over

Mustache-Growing Event: Men can grow a mustache for sponsorships. Different types of
mustaches can be sponsored for different amounts.


Operation Beard-Off: Choose someone who is known for his beard and ask him to shave it all
off if a secret minimum amount is raised.


Play-Off: Choose a sport, pit work departments, school grades, or teachers and students
against each other, and invite the rest of the school or company to watch and cheer. Sell tickets
or charge an admission at the door.


Quizzes: Quizzes are a sure winner because everyone loves the chance to show off their
knowledge. Make it a fun event! Charge an admission fee and award prizes. Some ideas
include: Trivial Pursuit, local knowledge, pop music quiz… be creative!


“Sack Senior Hunger”: Employees bring in their lunch and donate the money they would have
spent on eating out to Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County. The company could consider
providing a lunch in the break room, some treats, or raffle prizes. Collect the money at a
designated area specially decorated for the event.

Spirit Chain: Have a competition within work departments or school grades to see who has the most spirit. Each department has a paper chain with two colors. Sell each strip of paper for 25 or 50 cents. Keep the chains hidden, and then bring them out at a recognition event. The
department or grade with the longest chain receives a prize.

Sponsored Anything: Sponsored events are always useful fundraising activities and don’t have
to involve walking or running marathons. A sponsored event can involve almost any activity you can think of.


Talent Show: Hold a talent show for teachers, students, employees, or friends. There are always people who will pay to display their talents while everyone else will pay to see them in action.

Touch a Truck: Arrange for the following to be on display: local fire trucks, ambulances,
garbage trucks, postal service trucks, plows, cement trucks, and so many more! Children can
get up close and personal with some of their favorite big rigs. Charge an admission.


Zany Clothes Day: Have students or employees donate to participate in a “zany” dress-up day.